A mouse is one of the peripheral devices that makes up a computer system. Usually, the mouse is a handheld device that is used as a pointing device. Ideally, the mouse is used to detect the movements on the surface and then translate such a motion so as to move the pointer or the cursor  on the screen or the computer monitor. The motions on the surface are usually two dimensional and they are also relative to the surface in which the mouse is placed. There are different types of mouse which are in use today. There is the standard mouse which is a tradition type of a mouse and it uses a ball to detect the mouse movement on the surface. The optical type of a mouse is the one that uses a digital camera instead of a ball to detect the mouse movement. This type of a mouse also uses the light source such as the light emitting diodes and light sensors to detect such mouse movements relative to the surface. Apart from the basic control of the pointer on the screen, a mouse can also be used for other purposes such as gaming. This article therefore explains more about the special type of a mouse that is used for gaming.

The gaming mouse is also a type of a computer mouse but basically it has additional and special functionalities which usually makes it suitable for the computer gaming. Essentially, some of these special functionalities and features may be the presence of the buttons which can be programmed and which also have a higher sensitivity so as to increase the response, faster reactions and making more comfortable movements during gaming. Visit onecrack gaming for more info.

Now, when looking for a gaming mouse, there are the various aspects that a gamer has to consider. The most basic aspect of a gaming mouse is the DPI i.e. Dots Per Inch. The Dots Per Inch usually relates to the gaming mouse sensitivity. Usually, the higher the dots per inch of the gaming mouse, the more the mouse will be sensitive to the movements made on the surface by the gamer. This means that the mouse will basically shift with little or less movements made by the hand. The lower DPI usually means a lower sensitivity and such a sensitivity will therefore enable the game to make fine controls. For example, shooting. Other factors to consider is whether such a gaming mouse has a programmable button or not and whether it has the ability of accelerating the movements made by the gamer. A person may also consider whether the mouse is wired or whether it's a cordless type. Click here to learn more.

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Buying a Gaming Mouse; Explained